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The QTBIPOC Wellness Community is Your One Stop Shop for Personal and Professional Development

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Are you tired of digging through shit to find wellness content that applies to your lived experience? 

QTBIPOC Wellness is centered on promoting the health and happiness LGBTQIA+ People of Color. 

Dealing with abuse from dominant cis/white/het culture is exhausting.  Wellness programs that ignore the reality of minority stress have limited healing power. In this community we acknowledge and learn to move through the pain of systemic oppression.  

Wellbeing and Happiness are your birthright.


Wellness Programs that Ignore Your QTBIPOC experience feel





Healing happens in safe spaces.  The QTBIPOC Wellness Community is centered on celebrating and honoring the lived experience of Queer Folx and People of Color.  If we have wounds around community and relationships we might feel resistance around the idea of group healing. This community is moderated and well guarded so that you can feel




Truly Seen


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The program encompasses both work and personal life. We approach wellness holistically here.  We don't break life up into compartments. 

Join us if you want

  •  to learn tangible healing practices that block the oppressor from stealing your peace of mind
  • to remain unbothered when people are being problematic at the office
  • to avoid catching a case

Let's Do This!